Coins of three eras and their manufacturing techniques
It happens that determining the place and specific time of minting coins of medieval Russia is quite problematic to establish. This is due to the fact that the medieval coins…

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Coin Cabinet
Have you ever thought, respected coin collectors and just collectors, over where is the largest collection of coins in the world? Surely most of you imagined a world famous collector…

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Coins of Queen Victoria and the dynasty of her court medalists
On January 2, 1901, at the turn of the two greatest in the history of mankind, the heart of a little old woman, Queen Victoria, stopped beating. Ended the longest…

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jubilee coins

What is the damage of coins

In the 10th century, Count Baldwin, in order to develop a monetary business, as well as improve trade relations, created a rate of exchange transactions. So, two hens could be exchanged for one rooster, two lambs for one sheep, and so on. Even though the territories of the countries were not disturbed by any crusades, every society needed money.

In Western Europe, there was a fairly large number of mints. Each duke and bishop sought to build their own coin shop. Therefore, quite often, in one city there could be several coin shops. Continue reading

History of tokens

Tokens have a rather interesting story. They have at all times been used as support for real currency. But in itself, a token is considered “non-currency”. Let’s dive into history and look at the development of the token industry in the world.

The very word “token” came from the French “jeton”. These tokens were used as “tickets”, funds for obtaining any specific goods or services. This, in any case, was not full money. Continue reading