antique coins

A set of jubilee coins dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Patriotic War of 1812
Nothing can so please the present coin collector, as a new coin in its collection, and even better, if it will be a whole album of commemorative coins. However, if…

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Features storage collections of coins and stamps
Among other types of collecting, collecting coins is among the most complex and costly. Initially, the collection begins with a small number of valuable items, which quickly increases over time.…

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Coin Albums
Many numismatists with a sense of satisfaction recall the old days when, when they were engaged in collecting coins, they could buy albums for coins in almost any store in…

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What is now in price on the numismatic market

The dollar is falling, and the ruble is growing stronger. Especially – old. Antique coins are sold at auctions for “big money”. So, at the Gelos auction before the new year, for five gold rubles of Alexander III, coinage in 1888 was paid 150 thousand, and for a silver dime of 1741 of unique preservation – 90 thousand rubles. A set of two trial kopecks in 1871 of a copper-nickel alloy with a portrait of Alexander I was bought for 120 thousand rubles.
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The ruble of Emperor Constantine I from the Romanov dynasty

The most important mystery of this coin is that there has never been such an emperor like Constantine I, but there was a ruble of Constantine I! Not a single rare coin of that period is so popular with historians. She devoted a lot of handwritten works.

Grand Duke Constantine divorced Anna Feodorovna, his wife, after which he was married to Countess Grudzinskaya. Everyone thought that this marriage of the prince was unequal, and therefore he was accepted as “unacceptable”. Continue reading

Find your coin

Today, it is probably difficult to find a person on the planet who would not ever collect anything. As a rule, the collection of objects similar in their characteristics or purpose, comes from childhood. Remember what you collected in childhood? Stamps, postcards, matchbox labels, beautiful pebbles, shells … It is possible that over the years your priorities have grown into collecting more remarkable things, like beer mugs, netsuke, toys, weapons, etc.

However, numismatics has been very popular lately – a hobby that requires a lot of free time, and especially money, because it turns out that money also costs money, and often not at all, with what kind of face value they are issued. Continue reading

Value of the CBR coins

Numismatics is the meaning of life of a large number of people. The Bank of Russia is a kind of trendsetter in the field of coinage of modern numismatics. The coins depict all sorts of subjects. These are the cities of the Russian Federation, and any significant events, for example, the upcoming 2014 Olympic Games in the city of Sochi, great people who have made a significant contribution to the development of the country, its cultural and scientific life. It is also monuments of the architectural and construction heritage of the country, a variety of historical events. Since 1992, the bank has been producing commemorative coins from various precious metals. Naturally, in addition to their nominal price, the coins also have their own market price, which directly depends on the metal from which it is made, as well as the weight of the coin, the date of its release and, in addition, the circulation. Continue reading

Coins of the era of silver crisis

On the territory of the Muslim East, as well as in medieval Europe, coins were one of the ways and means of exploiting the lower classes. The social groups that were at the very bottom received the greatest damage from the fact that the state used coin minting as a way to siphon huge profits in their favor. This was immediately noticeable, just as the person using the hotel one only reethi rah in the Maldives stands out for its comfortable, fashionable, five-star accommodation with all the amenities.

In the streets of Central Asia in the 8th – 11th centuries, many so-called “black” dirhams were used. They still retained their appearance of the late Sasanian coins. Continue reading

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