antique coins

First counterfeiters
Since the very first metallic banknotes were born, the counterfeiters began their activities. They used every opportunity to seize the stamp. In this regard, the minters working on the mints,…

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Monetary reform of 1654
In the 17th century, the epoch in monetary business ended, when absolutely any individual, which was usually a privileged and secular society, could bring material for making coins. The state…

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Peter I reform
Everyone knows that Peter the Great was a great reformer. Among his innovations, we can highlight the fact that he first came up with the idea to celebrate the New…

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Coin Cabinet

Have you ever thought, respected coin collectors and just collectors, over where is the largest collection of coins in the world? Surely most of you imagined a world famous collector who has no less than a hundred thousand various coins. In fact, the largest collection of coins is collected in Berlin and is represented in the State Museum of Bode, in the numismatic room.

The numismatic room, or as it is also called, the coin room, has about five hundred thousand different coins in its collection, ranging from the history of antiquity to coins of modern times. Continue reading

Valuable coins of the era of Paul the First

Despite the fact that there is an enormous amount of coins all over the world, it is the coins of pre-revolutionary Russia that deserve a lot of attention, differing not only in the fact that almost all of them are preserved and have reached us in perfect condition, but also in the fact that each of these coins has its own story. Nevertheless, you should certainly pay attention to the coins of the epoch of Paul the First, which are distinguished, apart from their great diversity, also by great rarity.

One of the first coins, on which I would like to draw the attention of coin collectors and collectors, is a coin worth 1 ruble of the 1796 sample. Continue reading

3 coins of medieval England

A rather large role in collecting coins is played by the age of the coins themselves, and the older they are, the more valuable your collection will be. A typical example of this is English medieval coins, mostly made of silver and gold.
Particularly popular with coin collectors are the coins of England of the era of Henry VII, known as the golden sovereign (GoldenSovereign). Such a large demand for these coins is primarily due to the fact that they, besides being made of pure gold, also have a large mass – about 15 grams. Continue reading

Rare coins of Russia

ussia has gone through a long history of development, which is reflected in the coins. For coins, it is quite easy to study the history of the country, as they depicted portraits of prominent people, state symbols, various attributes that characterize the era and historical facts. Coins of the USSR have a great cultural value. In Russia, the first pennies appeared in 1553. At first they were silver coins, and then they were made of copper and bronze.

One of the rarest coins in Russia is a copper penny. This coin is the decoration of any collection. It was made in 1726 by a special technology and had a square shape. Continue reading

Coin collecting as a hobby

Modern collectors collect various items. Some collect stamps, others – coins, and there are those that are particularly original.

Collecting coins is very popular, because everyone who has found or received an unusual coin as a gift will definitely want to receive one more, and then increase their number at times. So, a person turns into a collector, without even waiting for it, and then begins not only to collect them, but also to study them. Continue reading

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